Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals discover the career path that has the greatest potential for bringing them a lifetime of satisfaction, happiness, fulfillment and joy.

We accomplish this mission for our clients by uniquely identifying what they love to do, and what they should avoid doing.


Our four-segment process:

1) Identifying natural interests, talents, strengths and motivations.  Using coaching techniques in one-on-one sessions, we gather information to identify unique trends, patterns, obstacles, limiting beliefs and goals that clients have, hope to have and should avoid.

2) Using online assessments.  Two different online assessments are used. Both assessments are given on-site. One assessment specifically targets interests, strengths, talents and motivations. The second assessment is used to identify unique areas of leadership strengths and gaps, and high-energy synergistic relationships.

3) Debriefing results.  The results from segments one and two are delivered to the client along with a thorough review and explanation of the results. The desired outcome of this segment is for the client to take ownership of their unique interests, talents, strengths and motivations, as well as take ownership of their unique obstacles and limiting beliefs.

4) Exploring dream career path options.  This segment consists of identifying resources and tools that are important for the client to embrace as they walk the road to their dream career.

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