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“I think everyone needs a coach. The energy and positive results from having a qualified person coaching and championing you in life and work is indispensable.  It allows you to live life more brilliantly.  How you live your life is your choice.  Choosing to live your life with the most energy in the most positive and impactful way is a brilliant idea!”

When was the last time someone gave you authentic feedback?  Or, when you knew someone was not holding something back?  …or, have a “hidden agenda” in the conversation?

What is a relationship that focuses on building and enhancing your leadership ability worth?  Or, a sounding board centered solely on your personal growth and improvement?    …or, a judgment-free, safe and confidential environment for expressing your ambitions?

The answers to these questions affect your overall potential in life and leadership.  The answers affect the way you “show up” to lead yourself and others.  Do you know honestly know how others perceive you in normal and stressful situations?

Make the choice to increase your leadership ability, performance, and self-awareness through Coaching for Results.

Dr. Patti Latta will hold the “mirror” and assist you in obtaining an accurate and honest assessment of the factors that are both positively and negatively influencing you.  And, by default those who you lead.

The most valuable asset you have is yourself.  It is the one asset you can count on to make a difference.  Do you have the courage to invest in yourself?

Coaching for Results gives you an advantage by:

  • Objectively assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • Providing feedback based on your personal goals and objectives.
  • Equipping you with tools to increase your leadership effectiveness.
  • Identify how you “show up” in both normal and stressful situations.
  • Increasing your self-awareness.
  • Building positive team interactions.

Every person has a unique set of natural talents, abilities, strengths, talents, and motivations.

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