Dr. Patti Latta

About Patti

Fayetteville resident, Dr. Patti Latta owns and runs NWA Career Coaching. She moved to Arkansas 20 years ago after earning her Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from the University of Mississippi.

In the last few decades, Dr. Latta has partnered in the successful development of businesses, raised her daughter as a single mother and taught in the business college at the University of Arkansas and John Brown University. In the last couple of years, since her daughter started attending the University of Arkansas, Dr. Latta completed a comprehensive certified coach training program. She has more than 350 hours of coach training from an International Coaching Federation accredited training program.

While completing her training to be a certified Executive Life Coach, she had a Living life more brilliantly thought.  She realized how much better-equipped individuals would be if they could receive aspects of professional career coaching common to the corporate world – before entering the corporate world or, better yet, before starting college or choosing a career!  She admits the Living life more brilliantly thought was inspired from the wasted tuition dollars and time as a result of her own daughter dropping college classes, and the frequent changing of college majors by her daughter’s friends which often results in paying for classes not needed for graduation. 

Living life more brilliantly is a specific Career Coaching  process uniquely designed to identify an individual’s giftedness and match it to their dream career path. Dr. Latta believes that every person is gifted with a unique set of talents, strengths and abilities, but, unfortunately, most do not know what they are much less how they can be used as guideposts to a lifetime of career satisfaction and joy. Dr. Latta’s own unique blend of academics, business, and coaching gives her the right skill set to help individuals get on the right career path to Living life more brilliantly through Career Coaching in Northwest Arkansas.

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